Sunrise With Fog

Sunrise With Fog
Every Morning is New

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Listening for Direction

On the Way to Somewhere Else

Stepping out into the welcome rain I push open the doors
Stepping out onto the balcony with expansive view to soak in the occasion
The sounds of raindrops, the sweet fragrance, a distant echo of thunder
A reminder of the voice of God, the Voice that spoke and
Land and mountain peaks rose out of the water!
The voice Who thundered across the desert as a comforting presence of towering light
I walk out into the welcoming encompassing display of glory
On the way to somewhere else and life intercedes.

Circumstances are bathed in a moment of light
Compelling direction, giving pause to ponder
To actively rest with renewed perspective
Eager to see beyond physical boundaries
To explore present opportunities
Reasoning with thoughts from a different direction and realm
Realizing it is not my direction but Christ at the helm.
More often than not, it is when I am following another train of thought
That I am gripped with an entirely new inspiration, immersed in the flow
At one in the Spirit of Unity, content, satisfied in divine appointments
Found on the way to somewhere else.
imp 10/16/2012