Sunrise With Fog

Sunrise With Fog
Every Morning is New

Monday, November 14, 2011

Continued Thanksgiving

Father, How Can I Thank You?

Heavenly Father, I sing to you… praise you…
But I wonder, do I thank you enough?
When I am rejoicing in the things you have done,
Does my heart reveal my thanksgiving?
Does my joy make You smile at my recognition of glorious gifts?
Sometimes in moments on the mountain, I fear I forget to thank you.
The joy of the situation overwhelms me…
I smile in jubilation until my face aches with gladness.
I automatically thank You for the beauty of the spring flowers,
For the fruits of summer…. For the warm autumns golden glow…
I praise you for the way the moonlight glitters on the fallen snow.
You should receive thanks each time the Bible is opened…
Your words to me should echo from within.
When  thoughts in Your word reach out in a special way
A verse lights my soul and I claim the truth of the message.
In great rejoicing and awe of Your presence I find delight.
Inwardly I am filled with thanksgiving, but do I form it into words?
Do I consciously communicate this great love I have for you?
Do others see evidence of Your presence in my words and actions?
As You fill me with the joy of salvation…
As You grace me with the love of others…
With the joy of witnessing grandchildren running to me with open arms…
Running to me with open arms of love and delight in their eyes…
I am overcome with the overflowing of Your loving kindness.
I love to write praise to worship Your glorious presence…
But do I stop and simply say thank You?
When obstacles are moved… when pain is lifted and my body healed…
Do I whisper my appreciation of Your hand gently guiding my life?
Do I thank you, then sit in stillness,
Enveloped with the certainty of your attentive hearing?
It is in this quiet expectance that I feel the warmth of Your gentle breath.
It is then I feel the prevailing presence of Your acknowledgement…
Your Spirit within me whispers “you are welcome.”
My thanksgiving to You must go back to the beginning of time…
Back to creation where You prepared my heart to receive You.
Back to each providence along the way.
For through Your perfect providence Your light guided my pathway…
Through providence You awakened desires which You then abundantly filled.
How can I begin to thank You for drawing me with Your powerful love?
Drawing me to hunger and thirst for Your truth in all things?
If I do not express my thanksgiving as often as I should
Please take my joyful praise of You as declaration of gratitude for Your grace.
May desire to touch the hem of Your garment be a sincere expression…
One of love for You Lord, and of thanksgiving from the depth of my soul!