Sunrise With Fog

Sunrise With Fog
Every Morning is New

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter: In the Footsteps of Jesus

The newness of spring's arrival perfectly compliments the breath of new life through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. The joyful blossoming of the hills and valleys lift ones heart to sing. The lengthening days lifts ones soul to rejoice in the sounds of the season as all of creation seems to proclaim the glory of God. There is a special glory of the heart in connecting to the truth in the Easter Story when one has been gifted to walk in the footsteps of Jesus in the Holyland. That which we have heard and read about and believe comes to life in a new and personal way when you can hear the waters of the Galilee splashing against the sides of a fishing boat, when you see those ancient names appearing on the roadsigns along the way, and when you walk the stone pavements in Jerusalem where Jesus went about His Father's work.

In this special season, will you walk with me yet again in those beautiful footprints of time and ponder the miracles of life that continue to bear fruit today through the power of the cross as the Light of the World shines through that cross that we might know the Father through the victory of the Son and find eternal joy that brings us peace now and forever. Blessings and prayers that you might know the fullness of His joy in a personal and lifegiving way. Perhaps pondering this poem that follows will give you food for thought in this special season of God's love.


To go back to the beginning and retrace steps of our knowing
We may pilgrimage to ancient lands to the place of God’s showing
Back to the desert wilderness still forlorn and bare
Back through the ages as if we too were there
Our soul seems transported through history to taste divine fare.

Back to the beginning, to walk through deserts rugged and mysterious
To feel ancient winds blowing with His presence awesome and serious
To feel that connection throughout time in a supernatural way
And know the fragrance of His loving providence each day
Our soul escapes the boundaries of time as we too kneel to pray.

Our pilgrimage leads forward through recorded history of time
Walking in the footsteps of those receiving God’s message sublime
We make empathetic connection with saints who have gone before
But we come gifted with knowledge of much more
We look back knowing Him to which they looked forward to in store.

Walking through the valleys where our patriarchs trod
The Bible tells us how they learned what is made known of God
It is as if we too feel that connection deeply with the remnant of old
The Spirit within confirms truth in what we have been told
We continue to walk through time with eternal hunger that is bold.

Up to the heights out of the desert lying below level of the sea
Up to the lush hills surrounding the timeless Galilee
We feel life unfolding as a blossom in the sun
Through the Spirit we know the life of Christ and His victory won
We taste the goodness of truth through the resurrection of the Son.

We walk in these places where now as then many fail to see
Tracing footsteps of our Lord Who became man to set us free
We sit together on a green hillside overlooking the sea to eat
We consume physical food while our souls feast on the Word at His feet
In some divine sense we feel both present and future inexorably meet.

Turning upwards to Jerusalem, on the Mount of Olives to stand
We too weep while praying for her peace through difficulties at hand
The children are now quiet who once waved palm branches and sang
We join the remnant with hopeful hearts that have heard truth as it rang
All the while suffering indignities inflicted by the serpent’s fang.

The Lord reigns at the Father’s side; His joyful light shines still
For those with faith to believe, blessed to climb the God’s holy hill
Jerusalem is still anointed with the glorious heavenly light of old
We who extol our heavenly King are also wrapped in His light of gold
This splendor of shimmering glory throughout time was foretold.

The pilgrimage may allow walking those same roads with sandaled feet
We may truly experience the land of milk and honey providentially sweet
We may savor the goodness through others who went before us to taste
Who lingered and listened and soaked in eternal light without haste
Granted reward now to number days to gain wisdom without waste.

There is something unique in setting foot on that soil from desert to sea
To breath the arid winds still blowing wild and free
To hear the wind blown waves near the Valley of the Dove
And know Jesus walked there before being resurrected above
To intercede with His Father for those upon whom He set His love.

After such a pilgrimage one returns home refreshed and restored
The life-changing gift becomes part of our nature as a great reward
Only in experiencing the enormity of life are we enabled to feed sheep
Only in walking humbly with our Lord are we enabled to reap
Blessing upon blessing of promised life He is faithful to keep.

Gethsemane Gate Cross

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Bursts Forth With Faith's Hope

A Soft Spring Song

It is a soft spring arriving,
Gentle light and pastel hues;
Satisfying anticipation and expectancy,
Certainty of hope abounding
Rewarded in observant persevering.

Evidence of kept promise
In softly swaying willow branches
Touched with yellowish green.
Musical orchestration adds dimension,
Heard in the melodious song of the wren.

Joyful laughter echoes with freedom,
Time to soak in the warm sunshine.
I come as a child delighting to sing,
Into the new day, wondering
What will the fresh season bring?

I stand in witness of creation’s beauty
Clasping loosely the spring flowers
I hold for passing moments in my hand,
In anticipation of the full blooming
Of all God has yet planned.

Looking through the cross in witness as
Heaven proclaims God’s glories.
My soul sings with thanksgiving
Winging it’s way through time’s memories
Remembered thus far through His gifting.

Seeing the hope of eternity
Shining through faithful promises fulfilled,
Certain as the lilies of Easter
Confirmed through the Spirit to eyes of my heart.
I stand secure on the Rock, the Redeemer.

Speaking the mind of the Father
Understood through the life of the Son
Overflowing with poetry of eternal grace
Until faith becomes pure sight,
When I rest my eyes on His face,
And glow in His incomprehensible light.
IMP 3/25/11

As each spring draws near, I await the singing of the forest, secure in the ordering of all creation, knowing that in God's perfect timing I will again see old friends blossoming with new joy.