Sunrise With Fog

Sunrise With Fog
Every Morning is New

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Bursts Forth With Faith's Hope

A Soft Spring Song

It is a soft spring arriving,
Gentle light and pastel hues;
Satisfying anticipation and expectancy,
Certainty of hope abounding
Rewarded in observant persevering.

Evidence of kept promise
In softly swaying willow branches
Touched with yellowish green.
Musical orchestration adds dimension,
Heard in the melodious song of the wren.

Joyful laughter echoes with freedom,
Time to soak in the warm sunshine.
I come as a child delighting to sing,
Into the new day, wondering
What will the fresh season bring?

I stand in witness of creation’s beauty
Clasping loosely the spring flowers
I hold for passing moments in my hand,
In anticipation of the full blooming
Of all God has yet planned.

Looking through the cross in witness as
Heaven proclaims God’s glories.
My soul sings with thanksgiving
Winging it’s way through time’s memories
Remembered thus far through His gifting.

Seeing the hope of eternity
Shining through faithful promises fulfilled,
Certain as the lilies of Easter
Confirmed through the Spirit to eyes of my heart.
I stand secure on the Rock, the Redeemer.

Speaking the mind of the Father
Understood through the life of the Son
Overflowing with poetry of eternal grace
Until faith becomes pure sight,
When I rest my eyes on His face,
And glow in His incomprehensible light.
IMP 3/25/11

As each spring draws near, I await the singing of the forest, secure in the ordering of all creation, knowing that in God's perfect timing I will again see old friends blossoming with new joy.

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