Sunrise With Fog

Sunrise With Fog
Every Morning is New

Friday, February 1, 2013


I have started really focusing on God's promises... as we read about Abraham trusting God's promises... we cannot see God working very well if we do not know what He has promised to His people, promises that flow out of His character... here is one for this morning... I needed this one, as it gets harder for me to do many of the things I have taken for granted, this spoke volumes to me...

Just look around to see something of His beauty!
 I am watching forHis promises everwhere... here is one for today:
Psalm 91:14-16 "Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I
deliver him; I will set him on high, because he hath known my name. He
shall call upon me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in
trouble; I will deliver him, and honour him. With long life will I
satisfy him, and show him my salvation.
You know, the more I look at them the more I see abundant life.... in
this one for instance, "with long life will I satisfy him and show him
my salvation." SATISFY... not just empty days to sit and watch the
clock, but LIFE, abundant life... and "show him My salvation,"
SHOW.... we will see Him at work, we will glimpse His glory... we will
see answered prayer... He will surprise us at every turn and give us
eyes to see His marvelous ways...

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thanksgiving Gold

When the Hickory Tree Again Turns Gold

The faithfulness of God is marked by seasons that number our days
Anniversaries measure moments in thanksgiving for His ways
When the hickory tree again turns gold
It illumines moments of celebration watching His grace unfold
Days move silently yet with promise yet to be revealed
When appreciated in the remembering of other occasions, thus far being healed
Autumn is especially symbolic and full of grace
A time of comforting love displayed in the hillsides of glittering gold
Times of remembering, lost in wonder of such grace foretold
Being warmed by the vision of rich shades of red, gold and rust
Stir reflections of His past faithfulness when God is my trust
That truth is enhanced in remembering times of goodness and light
Times when darkness and pain were overpowered by such a glorious sight
Empower me to face new challenges as opportunities of grace
My words and actions giving glory to God as I worship Him before His face
Finding peace, carried along as on eagles wings of prayer
As others confirm God’s love for me through their sacrifice of love and care
Last year in similar circumstances when this same hickory tree turned gold
After enduring more pain that I thought I could bear
God had friends waiting to come to my aid, more of His glory to behold
After turning to others to intercede through Jesus Who sits with the Father on the throne
The Spirit gave me sweet peace to rest, knowing for myself His love for His own
I looked at the golden hickory through the glass door with a sigh of contentment and relief
Satisfied completely in the One Who enabled my belief.
And He did not fail me in what could have been a dark night
He sent angels to encamp around me in that momentary plight
When unable to coin prayerful thoughts in situations beyond our control
Unity through the Spirit guided others to extoll
The powerful wonders of our Almighty God and for my name plead
For His favor and merciful grace to intercede
To again bring healing to my body that will exceed
And provide lavishly for every need, enabling His work through me to succeed.
Oh the rainbows of His promises come wrapped in sunshine and tied with ribbons of hope
Accompanied by strains of beautiful music with precious stanzas that evoke
Reflections of His glory as revealed thus far to fill my thirsty soul with flowing streams
Mirroring the golden trees as light dances on the water in the suns powerful beams
To bring comfort, the Lord used the words of a much loved song titled “He”
Painting a glowing image of God in His commanding glory
With the aura of His tender timing and providence a friend played the melody of this story
“He can turn the tide and calm the angry sea; He alone decides who writes a symphony”
Such words of adoration written years ago unite with the beautiful truth I know
Giving confirmation just when I was in need of God’s love that abounds
Giving voice to words of praise with heart touching melodious sounds
A day of trial became opportunity for connection
Dwelling on self or looking for God’s working, two choices at every intersection
When I choose to view the day through what is true
God is faithful to keep His promises with the rainbows every hue
Whether His answer includes relief from this pain
Time in his presence still showers me with contentment as a gentle rain
And I know personally with my whole being, more of His love divine
When the hickory tree turns gold it is to me as an altar of remembering, a sweet sign.
Ina May Pummill November 9, 2012

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Listening for Direction

On the Way to Somewhere Else

Stepping out into the welcome rain I push open the doors
Stepping out onto the balcony with expansive view to soak in the occasion
The sounds of raindrops, the sweet fragrance, a distant echo of thunder
A reminder of the voice of God, the Voice that spoke and
Land and mountain peaks rose out of the water!
The voice Who thundered across the desert as a comforting presence of towering light
I walk out into the welcoming encompassing display of glory
On the way to somewhere else and life intercedes.

Circumstances are bathed in a moment of light
Compelling direction, giving pause to ponder
To actively rest with renewed perspective
Eager to see beyond physical boundaries
To explore present opportunities
Reasoning with thoughts from a different direction and realm
Realizing it is not my direction but Christ at the helm.
More often than not, it is when I am following another train of thought
That I am gripped with an entirely new inspiration, immersed in the flow
At one in the Spirit of Unity, content, satisfied in divine appointments
Found on the way to somewhere else.
imp 10/16/2012

Thursday, September 27, 2012

An Old Swing

Some days the swing is quiet.... just hanging there so still,
Just some old rope and a worn board for a seat...
A simple thing it seems, but what joy it instills
A place for contemplation and thoughts so sweet.
Through out the seasons it stays there in that place,
Always welcoming me for a few moments of time...
Either swinging in lofty arcs or slowly in place,
It is a special feeling with the wind on my face.
In the springtime the birds sing
As they build a nest in that tree,
Soft green leaves become refreshing shade.
I see the geese heading north as I sit in the swing,
The sun warms me as I savor what God has made.
Days lengthen and summer draws near,
Trees blossom and fruit begins to appear,
Growth all around me speaks of God’s provisions.
Resting in the swing I watch all the joyful actions.
Parent birds feeding little ones patiently,
Little calves kicking up their heels in the sun,
A doe coming to the edge of the forest with her little one....
Coming out to graze just as the day is done.
As summer progresses there are long hot days,
But under that shade tree a soft breeze plays.
Sometimes I might be tempted to rest in that swing,
Looking out over the countryside, praising my King!
Days are getting shorter, it is time for harvest,
A late afternoon thundershower rinses off the dust.
As the storm passes I might go sit on that old board seat,
Watching the clearing clouds, hoping for a treat.
And there it is!  The late golden sunlight strikes rain across the way,
Breaking up the light in a beautiful display...
And suddenly a brilliant rainbow appears,
The beauty of God’s gift almost moves me to tears.
As the season changes to fall,
There is a hint of frost, the migrating geese call...
As I sit in that swing in obvious delight
Under the canopy of leaves that God has painted with light.
They seem to be glowing in bright red and gold,
The Creator is at work with colors so bold.
The days are shorter yet, the wind is blustery and cold,
The leaves fall to the ground, a sight to behold.
The swing hangs from the bare limbs of the tree,
Hanging there motionless, waiting for me.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Refreshing Autumn

How can it be, here in the early days of autumn, that this cool rainy spell lends the air of spring to what has been so heavy and dry? The wildlife show signs of need for nourishment; the trees are losing leaves and perhaps some may not make it through this time of drought. But the last few days have been very cool... the birds are singing with more of the joy of springtime. There is an air of expectancy. There is renewed hope in the face of oncoming winter. Through the nature of His creation God stirs our emotions and takes the everyday commonplace routines to new levels of possibilities beyond our imaginations. Each morning, each hour of the day is full of promise if only we will watch and wait.

Friday, August 31, 2012


Influence Beyond the Pale

Casual acquaintance with our vocabulary impoverishes the inspirational nature of living according to the fullness of what we were created to become. We limit our effectiveness through incomplete comprehension of the power and authority given in many situations.  The word influence is such a neglected word that bears further pondering. I considered it to mean direct changing of a person’s direction by outward words and deeds; as a direct result of vocal or written communication. 

In truth, a person of influence may affect others much by not speaking words but by example lives those words, in a manner speak more powerfully than by the use of words alone.  True if living by the standard established by the Almighty; not perfectly spoken but with perfect heart and desire, more and more breaking old habits of worldly vision to focus upon the Light of Life. Moses’ face glowed after being alone with God on the mountain, and then faded when he faced the challenges of leading a stubborn people.

 We today who believe in the Lord in His fullness have His presence with us to shine through our brokenness, even when we are unaware; especially more powerful when we are unaware.  Every moment in life is woven into the storehouse of who we have become, imperceptible for the most part, and yet finely ingrained into the whole experience much as a pinch of thyme flavors the whole kettle of nourishing robust soup.

We carry with us the eternity God set in the hearts of man in our journey to that perfection that leads the faithful forward in this race of discovery fitted between our birth and the end of our allotted days on earth.  Each day dawns with specifically ordained purpose.  Even in the busy routines of life there is something new to glean through our connection to the wonders yet to come. Moments of trial are broken by the light of hope which is always before us if we face the morning with expectation.  It is that eternal hope of the promise that shines through the eyes with power to influence those who hunger for its assurance.

Man thinks of influence as something we choose to use to redirect someone to our favor; perhaps bribery or threatening or slick talking; coercing a person’s direction without effectively changing hearts.  It is not our giving of emotional pleas; it is the power of the gospel that lends fragrance that invites inquiry into the heart of the matter. That subtle fragrance is an elixir of the eternal connection with the ancient words of truth and life.

Inside the pale it seems easy and right to tell of the gospel with its power and might.
With God given authority others hear what we are given to say; the pale is a barrier of protection for the day.
It is true both in physical boundaries that deter and refrain and more so in spiritual realms of every dark domain.
Mountaintop experiences are grasped in the spiritual realm where the light of hope cannot be overwhelmed.
How beautiful the melody when both realms unite; the joy is even more glorious shining into the darkness of night.

The wonder of God’s providence is more greatly desired when all seems out of control;
Realized when two realms collide, enlightening the deepest chambers of need in the soul.
We take the pale with us wherever we are led on pathways strange; that pale is the Kingdom of God with us, He does not change.
Though outside the pale cultures collide and sparks often fly, the hope of Salvation is light that will never fade or die.
That is where radiant influence born from His presence within, quietly fans embers into light, precious souls to win.

In that realm beyond the physical pale, when language might make it difficult to speak and to tell,
It is that inner presence flowing from faith that is sure, that shines through the eyes with light that is pure.
It is a presence perhaps indiscernible to individuals, who have not experienced it before,
But with God’s enabling they may catch that elixir of glory and be moved to desire more.
A smile and a kind word spoken with God’s love may open a door of possibility ordained from above.

As the apostles often walked far with little in their store, God always provided more than their needs before.
They were given sight to recognize those who are spiritually poor then given words of hope to restore.
They were simple and transparent, humbly making their way as God led;
They gave generously from that storehouse, being filled from heaven until the multitude was fed.
This is the influence felt outside the pale, outside the intimate little garden settings within the veil,
An apt word spoken with love extends the boundaries of grace
Spreading glimpses of heaven to those who are drowning and in need of God’s hand in a desolate place.

We are praying II Thessalonians 1:11-12  Therefore we pray always for you that our God would count you worthy of His calling, and that by His power He may fulfill every good purpose of yours and every act prompted by your faith We pray this so that the name of our Lord Jesus Christ may be glorified in you, and you in Him, according to the grace of our God and the Lord Jesus Christ. ”Amen

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More Responsibility

Thoughts on responsibility cover a far greater range than one can cover in a short article, certainly far more reaching than the overview of yesterday's posting. The thoughts bringing attitude into focus might suggest a less than realistic approach to doing the daily chores which do not seem inspirational in the least. It is our freedom to choose the manner of their completion that gives oportunity to bring the matter of the heart into the equation. NO, it is not really fun to do some of the down on your knees scrubbing bathrooms or other such labors; but  we can be joyful even when not doing things we would call fun. The purpose of each little things which needs tending is not always to get it done, but to gain perspective and to feel the reward of seeing it done well, especially for the enjoyment and comfort of others in the household as well as the people the Lord may bring to your door... perhaps as entertaining angels unaware. You see the joyful sounds in early morning as the birds take to the air to find food and build nests. Their songs bring joy to us, and perhaps in some small way inspire us to hum a familiar tune while sweeping the floor, or to sing with abandon while ironing or washing windows. At times it is difficult to accomplish everything we feel needs doing, and therein is the challenge of choosing which things to do at a particular time. Most of the time we have freedom to program the day to accomplish well most of what needs doing. Focus then on the work at hand and seek pleasure from accomplishing that work; do not fall to the temptation to worry and grumble at the stack of ironing left undone for another day... or if need be, do enough to get you by for another day.
We all are better at some things than others; with more organization I know I can find joy in completing more of those less desirable jobs on my list. In the process I find that usually it is not the jobs that are undesirable, but my failure to attend to them in a timely manner. It brings joy to see results from responding to responsibilities with the attitude of importance they are due. We may continue pondering this subject for another day or two and seek to grow in this attitude of heart that brings satisfaction leading to joy. It never hurts to take a few moments to walk out and gaze at the heavenly display and be flled with awe of our Creator and the majesty of what He makes known through His creation.