Sunrise With Fog

Sunrise With Fog
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More Responsibility

Thoughts on responsibility cover a far greater range than one can cover in a short article, certainly far more reaching than the overview of yesterday's posting. The thoughts bringing attitude into focus might suggest a less than realistic approach to doing the daily chores which do not seem inspirational in the least. It is our freedom to choose the manner of their completion that gives oportunity to bring the matter of the heart into the equation. NO, it is not really fun to do some of the down on your knees scrubbing bathrooms or other such labors; but  we can be joyful even when not doing things we would call fun. The purpose of each little things which needs tending is not always to get it done, but to gain perspective and to feel the reward of seeing it done well, especially for the enjoyment and comfort of others in the household as well as the people the Lord may bring to your door... perhaps as entertaining angels unaware. You see the joyful sounds in early morning as the birds take to the air to find food and build nests. Their songs bring joy to us, and perhaps in some small way inspire us to hum a familiar tune while sweeping the floor, or to sing with abandon while ironing or washing windows. At times it is difficult to accomplish everything we feel needs doing, and therein is the challenge of choosing which things to do at a particular time. Most of the time we have freedom to program the day to accomplish well most of what needs doing. Focus then on the work at hand and seek pleasure from accomplishing that work; do not fall to the temptation to worry and grumble at the stack of ironing left undone for another day... or if need be, do enough to get you by for another day.
We all are better at some things than others; with more organization I know I can find joy in completing more of those less desirable jobs on my list. In the process I find that usually it is not the jobs that are undesirable, but my failure to attend to them in a timely manner. It brings joy to see results from responding to responsibilities with the attitude of importance they are due. We may continue pondering this subject for another day or two and seek to grow in this attitude of heart that brings satisfaction leading to joy. It never hurts to take a few moments to walk out and gaze at the heavenly display and be flled with awe of our Creator and the majesty of what He makes known through His creation.

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