Sunrise With Fog

Sunrise With Fog
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Monday, August 27, 2012

Thinking on Responsibility


Responsibility is a unique word that seems on the surface to be limited in scope; often those jobs…chores…requirements on the “to do” list seem outside the realm of another list of want to do, called to do, inspired to do opportunities. For far too long I have mentally separated the two areas of my life by viewing these less glamorous works as duties to get done so I can move on to the productive projects and commitments as the “real” work for the day. This attitude is clearly apparent to anyone who is witness to the works of my hands when my heart is not in my efforts.
It is becoming clearer that this propensity to omit some things from the command to do ALL things as unto the Lord is indeed something that needs changing. My attitude toward these mundane duties does not glorify God in any manner. Scripture tells us that everything is beautiful in its own time. When I rush through washing dishes as something to get out of the way to get to something else it is my attitude that is ugly, not the chores at hand.

Response must be unified to get rid of the disconnect between chores and destination. All these responsibilities are truly part of the destination, not something to get through to get somewhere else. When I awaken each morning let me choose a balcony attitude and desire to make every part of the journey a delight. What a difference it would make were I to live in the wonder of each day, and put my creative self into observing beauty and light in every effort to which I am called.

There are responsibilities that change with every season that must be met. There are those things which are expected that come with commitments. There are many more things which we load upon ourselves in order to meet our own expectations. The list grows beyond the bounds in which we can complete well and that list requires seeking the Lord’s wisdom for the whens, hows, and ifs for making choices that align with His purpose for each life.  Beyond that, for each choice we make, let us seek to do that thing well. Let us choose an attitude of heart that will foster joy in whatever the hand finds to do. In this age of great technological communication it is tempting to multi-task and it divides the mind’s attention so that often nothing is given our best effort. Let me delight in such a simple thing as washing dishes. Let me hold the glass to the light and see the sunshine pouring through, perhaps even making a rainbow in the process. Let me remember the person who gave me the crystal bowl I am washing. Let me plan an occasion to use the beautiful floral china with dainty tea cups given to me by a friend who knew Iwould treasure the fragile beauty of such a set. Let me be thankful for having family and friends to feed and serve with love. Let me do the simplest jobs with the mindset that they too are to be done as if serving the Lord Himself. Each choice, each chore, each opportunity deserves to be given our best effort… that is our responsibility, not the number of items we can cross of the list each day in order to get to something we feel to be more important or fulfilling.

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