Sunrise With Fog

Sunrise With Fog
Every Morning is New

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Beyond the Drought

Yesterday morning was an example of gaining extended vision... slowly... sometimes almost immeasurably, but certan grow in seeing beyond the present physical condition. This extended heat and drought has brought challenges to so many people. We have been feeding hay for a month when it is normally at least mid October before that becomes necessary. Our ancient air conditioning unit has been struggling and required continuing repair. The new motor that was installed only Thursday stopped working last night. We awoke yesterday with no water. With perseverence my husband was able to get the water restored mid morning after discovering a leak and making a trek to the hardware store for parts.The trees in the yard and surrounding fields are showing signs of distress in shriveling leaves and even some leaves alreading falling away.  But I sat on the deck in peace. It was very early in the morning. Before it began to get light we could see a line of clouds to the north when they were illuminated by frequent lightening. Hope. Perhaps there will be rain. When daylight arrived that line of clouds was still very close, just across the river valley. There was something peaceful about watching the clouds and the continued lightening. Then I began seeing the rain. For hours, framed by our thirsty tree branches, I watched the rain across the way.  As I always have the camera nearby, I took several photos of the clouds and rain in the changing light. Though we did not get any of the moisture I was surprised to find myself thanking the Lord for the rain others were getting. I was truly glad for them. I was still asking the Lord to favor us with some of the rain but at the same time content in what He chose to provide. Resting in Him. I am thankful for attic fans and breezes that make things more comfortable. I am thankful that we can carry water when we have plumbing failures. I am thankful for the light of the morning that continues to illumine my heart and soul with new perspective on what is truly important in this life as I compare my failures with opportunities to do better every day. Each sunrise brings promise of new choices and results when I set myself aside to consider the needs of others. Life is not about me at all.

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