Sunrise With Fog

Sunrise With Fog
Every Morning is New

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Road of Friendship

It is so satisfying to ponder the years and see the light of friendship shining through the tapestry of life.  There is purpose and blessing in each friendship along the way. God is amazing as He weaves fellowship through the years, sometimes surprising us with new connections with childhood friends and maintaining new friends in beautiful ways. It seems something like the delight of revisiting a beautiful mountain lake and discovering the same excitement as if you had just enjoyed that beauty the day before. We never tire of the view of those mountain heights just as we never tire in hearing from a special friend.

The Road Between Friends

To show love, a warm friend will drive far
Taking time in following winding mountain trails
Time expended on a higher par
Flowing with true compassion that never fails.

Light that floods the soul burns steady and bright
Leaving God centered fragrance richly sweet
Such remembrance glows softly to light a dark night
Adding contented satisfaction with confidence complete.

For when one is satisfied with gifts God supplies
And with patience awaits His perfect providence and time
Great blessings of grace through Christ alone overlies
As ALL things have sanctifying purpose sublime.

As a bright star leaves a trail of light across the sky
So too does a friend impart grace reflecting light
A connection is made with unity from on high
In friendship sovereignly bestowed by God’s might

Formed in the image of God and redeemed from the fall
Graced with abundant life and gifts undeserved
Believers are counted worthy in Christ Who gave His all
To display the glory of Almighty God Whom we serve.

Though the road may carry us apart for a while
The eternal connection is certain and sure;
Fond remembrance illumines the heart with a smile
God’s familial unity will forever endure.

Our Creator placed eternity in the heart of man
That longing for pure perfection beyond present end
Seeing in the Word, the standard, the knowledge of His plan
Growing likeness lived out through the hand of a friend.

The windows of time are flung open to our view
To move forward through what we have seen of God in the past
Jeweled friendships inspire response to what is living and true
Using every daylight hour gleaning treasure that will last.
            Imp 6/20/11

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