Sunrise With Fog

Sunrise With Fog
Every Morning is New

Monday, April 30, 2012

Swiftly Winging Spring

And April is nearly finished... it seems in the spring time the days are so filled with the newness and the urgency to plant and be about the busyness of new life that surrounds us in every form that we discover good intentions have failed us. There is so much enthusiasm and eagerness to create and to delight in the outdoors that the days do not seem long enough to accomplish everything that fills our lists. How can anyone claim to be bored? How can there be a single person who does not long for extended hours with which to respond to all the responsibilities and the inspirations that flood the mind when the heart and soul sings with delight in springs colors and sounds and joy?

Tomorrow is May Day... the first day of May. When we moved to Gravette before I started to the first grade, I was met by little friend, a new friend who lived just across the street. I remember seeing her standing there by the fence when we drove up to the house. The thing that stood out at that moment was her red house shoes! We became fast friends and were almost inseparable when not in school. We would ride our bicycles down the country lane and pick blackberries. We would walk the few blocks to town and have a rootbeer float (at least mine was rootbeer) at the local drugstore. We would sit outdoors on a summer day and look up at the clouds and in our imagining try to discover shapes in the clouds. The clothesline became a stage when we hung a quilt on it for a curtain and many a summer night we would pretend to give a great theatrical performance. There are many more such memories about which I will write at some point, but for today I am remembering May Day. 

We would make little baskets out of paper and fill them with flowers from the yard or fields. Then we would ride our bikes or walk to nearby homes of friends and hang a basket of flowers on the door knob, knock on the door and then run and hide around the corner, leaving the pretty little posey basket as a surprise. It was so suspenseful to wait for someone to answer the door... I don't remember if we were discovered or if we stepped out to clap our hands with joy after they found the flowers... it was the creating and the waiting that are the most memorable... then after a time we outgrew that activity, or got too busy... but not before the memories were etched into our hearts.
Sooooo... Happy May Day to you... if I could I would send you a colorful lttle paper basket filled with the joyful flowers of spring... perhaps this flower image will bring a smile to replace the one that accompanied he basket of flowers so very many years ago. 

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