Sunrise With Fog

Sunrise With Fog
Every Morning is New

Monday, January 31, 2011

Stepping Forward in Faith

This is the day to begin a new project, stepping out of the boat with excitement, keeping my eyes looking upward in faith and trust that this will be a blessing to you who read the postings and to myself as I step into this opportunity to display the pearls of wisdom through poetry, prose and photography.  These precious pearls are treasure stored in my heart through studying God's Word and through the encouragement of many friends, that I give from what I have been given. This very first posting is a praise of thanksgiving to the Lord, first for the magnificance of Who He is, followed by humble joy for the opportunity to write of the many ways He has allowed me to apply scripture to life.  It may take a bit of  time to establish a schedule for posting but I am filled with anticipation in the beginning.

Christmas Pearls

The Pearl of exceeding worth has been made known
Illumining hearts with glorious splendor of God’s heavenly throne
This perfect Pearl is my shepherd, the gate and greatest treasure
God’s own Son, the Word, source of wisdom without measure.
Anticipation filled me in awaiting light I could not see
Because my heart was not yet washed clean and set free
This Pearl is now my most treasured gift, the hope of each dawn
Bearing promise with each drink from salvation’s well drawn
From God’s vast wisdom pearls numbering as stars are discovered
Often gathered for outward beauty until hidden meaning is uncovered
Only when the truth of eternal life is revealed by the Light
Does joy through knowing God enable vision of delight
Pearls are gems of quiet unassuming reward
Their luster affords a soothing reminder of peace restored
With gentle care pearls have strength to last through the years
Bearing unspoken witness to both our laughter and tears
These gems of great beauty that I may hold in my hand
Will be lovingly cared for only as I am enabled to understand
The unique nature of their formation as our Creator planned
Wisdom and knowledge are received freely, not bought on demand
Each precious gift of promise is graced with origins from above
Brought according to His purpose on the breath of His love
There are precious pearls among dear ones whom we are given to know
Unique personalities providentially purposed to prepare us to grow
In the likeness of God man was made
Given freedom to grow within boundaries that cannot fade
Care must be expended for delicate pearls given up by the sea
Much more to be valued is the Pearl Who was before our world came to be
The phrase “stringing pearls” was simply for creating beauty to wear
Before Light illumined connectivity of all scripture precious and rare
Certainly, pearls from the sea are symbolic of much more
Pearls of friendship endure for a lifetime, even eternity to explore
Pearls of wisdom rain showers of insight falling as dew from above
Giving contentment to His dear ones affirming unfailing love
All is meaningless apart from the Pearl of great price, God’s own Son
Our Lord Jesus, God with us, confirmed through the Spirit, Victorious One
May the Pearl of all pearls grace you with a heart transformed to see
With mercy Jesus came to make His Father known and set captives free
Treasured pearls of wisdom lavishly adorn the number of our days
Enabling glimpses of glory, the Holy One of Israel, the Pearl worthy of praise.
IMP November 26, 2010


  1. I LOVE the title and your "Christmas Pearls" poem is a great beginning.

    May GOD be glorified through the words He gives you as you become a new blogger!!


  2. Yay! The blog is looking great! Way to go getting it up and started, and I'm looking forward to following along!


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  4. I knew you could do this.......sorry my initial post didn't come thru as your first one. I'm your biggest cheerleader anyway and you know that!
    God has given you marvelous gifts and the whole world now has the potential to enjoy Christ through your delight and satisfaction in HIM ALONE!!!
    You are dearly loved and encourage me to love Jesus more....