Sunrise With Fog

Sunrise With Fog
Every Morning is New

Friday, May 27, 2011

Thinking Beyond Time

To See Beyond the Pane of Glass

Windows present themselves as opportunities to see beyond the pane of glass… beyond a time worn frame from another era, perhaps with glass jaggedly broken or missing, and we wonder what thoughts might have stirred the hearts of those who came before.
Windows help frame the context of eternity through the opening in the wall with which we might close ourselves away from the vastness of God’s creation…
Walls limit imagination,  preventing probing the unlimited possibilities promised by God.
Windows allow physical vision to mirror the heart in the perception of what the soul sees.
Our eyes both reflect what fills our hearts and color the vision of a faithful believer through the filter of God’s Word.
A window is opportunity to see beyond self and allow the thoughts of God to transport us in that moment to a heavenly plain.
It gives us pause to taste the goodness of the Lord in the midst of quiet stillness and to rise above the circumstances and the complexities of the moment.
In that quiet as we wait upon the Lord we may hear the laughter of another time…
We may ponder the sovereignty of the Lord in His keeping of each child in His flock.
We might remember looking into the eyes of a sister and seeing the beautiful light of eternity sparkling through circumstances of that day to reveal a heart tuned to the presence of the Lord.
In looking through the pane of glass we might see the reflection of the touch of God’s loving hand in the changing color scheme of nature that marks the passing of our seasons which are but a day in God’s timing.
Do you suppose that those who went before us paused to watch the changing canvas and gave honor to God for brightening the world with sunshine?
Perhaps they too, just like we do, gazed out through such a window and saw a cloud of fog blocking everything from view for a time.
Perhaps they like us, sometimes waited patiently in expectation for that sea of white to be invaded by the brilliance of the morning sun making its rounds as appointed by God during His creation of the world.
Do you think perhaps they delighted in looking out on a cold winter morning to see the covering of everything with a layer of snow that softened the imperfections and filled the ugly fingerprints of worldly man so that one could again rejoice in the beauty of God’s creation?
In gazing through that glass, that opening to something outside ourselves, we too are able to change focus to what is good and true and beautiful rather than dwelling on the depravity of man.
Looking over the vast expanse in every season overwhelms us with the majesty of our Holy God.
Our image of Him should be grandly magnified so that we might more intimately know our Creator and our Loving Shepherd.
God chose to frame the beauty of His creation with natural frames, which if we will see them, are graceful touches that embellish the glory of all He created.
We in kind, because we are created in His image, might choose to place the windows of our homes in a manner to frame the beauty in which God has placed us for a time.
A graceful willow tree often grows to lean out over the still water of a lake and becomes a frame for the scene beyond.
When our hearts and souls are tuned to be in concert with the music of God’s creation our eyes often see the poetry of the Living God through the windows of our lives.
When one sees with the hope of what is yet to be, our vision extends far beyond that pane of glass to lift us to a higher plain of comprehension.
We are blessed with peace through such vision of our Father; He is glorified through recognition of Him as powerful Almighty God Who was, and is, and always will be the God of Glory.

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