Sunrise With Fog

Sunrise With Fog
Every Morning is New

Friday, May 27, 2011

Windows of the Heart

Through the Windowpane of the Heart

Malachi 3:10 God told them, “bring all the tithes into the storehouse that there might be food in my house. And try me in this,” says the Lord of Hosts, “If I will not open to you the windows of heaven and pour out for you such blessing that there will not be enough room to receive it.”

Windows of the heart allow opportunity to look beyond one’s self, beyond circumstances, and to see the possibilities beyond imagination through the certainty of hope and the promise of the Lord.
Each morning we awaken to windows of circumstance.
Flowers bloom amidst natural decay and man’s neglectful apathy and we are blessed in being able to see the flowers in all their delicate grace and beauty.
We awaken to the promise of spring as the warm southern winds take away the chill of winter and the delicate new growth bedecked with Spring Beauties, Bluets, Rue Anemone, and Violets prompt the soul to shout “Yes, Lord!” with exceeding joy.
We may lift our eyes to the mountains and know that God is in control because the seasons ebb and flow according to His plan from the beginning.
Pale green tinges the tips of the tree limbs as they are timed to burst forth in the summer foliage.
Redbud trees soften with the unfurling of the tiny pink buds in response to the longer days and the warmth of the sunshine on their tender growth.
Windows of understanding of the situations that befall us intermingle with the spiritual truth in such a manner as to lift our view of God to heights unknown through being given His peace in the perfectness of His purpose.
He gives vision to see beyond the obvious common sense practicality of intellectual man.
He gives vision to see what lies beneath mere words and what lies beyond the brokenness of empty existence lived apart from His glorious grace.
To some of His children, windows open to witness the wellsprings of Living Water, giving sight that is enlightened to see God’s perfectly detailed order in the midst of mans chaos.
Man’s deeds serve to camouflage the beauty and goodness created by Almighty God for those who do not search for God’s creative presence in the design of all things.
Basic mistrust and misunderstanding of life is made manifest by glaring ugliness created apart from God or the influence of His people.
Windows on our world reveal contrasting visions to each individual, whether looking with defeat and pessimism common to man, or looking with hope of eternity through Christ Jesus.
Only thoughts praising God and only deeds done as unto the Lord allow vision to see the incomparable riches of His grace.
To gaze through tattered curtains and look upon mindless misery requires one to look above that circumstance to see miracles of light.
Opportunities abound for those given the will to see and the desire to move upward with the Lord.
Through the windows of our hearts we may see those resigned to defeat, to suffering through choice rather than to allow God’s mercy and grace to give direction.
We may become a light shining though a window that God might use to point the lost to turn from the wilderness into the sunlit clearing at the feet of Jesus.
One must open the heart to see with uplifted eyes, as though carried aloft upon wings of eagles, to lift heart and hopes higher than the painful hurts of the present life.
Witnessed through the windows of our heart and soul, searching eagerly for what is good magnifies the greatness and gloriousness of God. We are blessed and He alone is glorified. Let us praise Him!!!
Reflections multiply the joy of our understanding, both in nature and in the soul.

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