Sunrise With Fog

Sunrise With Fog
Every Morning is New

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Summer Evening

A summer evening brings opportunity to listen to swirling thoughts growing from seeds planted earlier in the spring. So many ideas. So many challenges and desires to create and accomplish. At times we do feel a weariness and must pause to let things settle into some kind of order. How can we take stock of what God is doing in our lives and the lives of those around us if we have no time to listen? How can we remember and tell others what God has done when we are too busy to even recognize them for ourselves?
It seems a Sunday evening in particular is such a time to be set apart for a time so that we may be reminded of all the things for which we should be thankful.
If we have been blessed to join together with others to worship the Lord, and remember that we are united in voice with all the saints in glory, singing hymns of worship as did the choirs of long ago walk on the ramparts and sing with such joy that the sound was heard far away, then, our mind is focused on our Father, Who created us and Who spares nothing to make Himself known to us in ways beyond counting.
     Perhaps the name of a friend comes to mind. Will I use that reminder to call or write the friend to see if she has a need? Will I invite her for supper, or just fellowship with her over the phone and perhaps brighten her day? Another time, new light of understanding breaks as with the light of dawn, and I recognize the working of His Spirit helping to order my thoughts that I might more clearly understand the character of the Lord; the light of present applications is illumined with growing wisdom accompanied with abundant opportunity to give His love to others. It is in the quiet times that memories surface with awakening of providential purpose for every experience encountered to this date.
   It is good to begin each day with a greeting to the Lord; asking Him what the plan of the day will be according to His sovereign will. Each morning comes with new expectations and anticipation. I love to ask Him what He has in store for me to learn and to give to others in every part of the day, making note when He allows me to see Him working in each situation. Then in the evening, or in an unexpected time of quiet repose, thank Him and ask that He help remember, then respond to the new light of this day. He will never disappoint us when we truly seek this special time of connection to show our love to Him by recounting the wonders of how He has thus far kept us. One day at a time. Let our love for Him retain its luster, the joy born of a relationship with the Eternal Father being made known in ways that are new each morning.
   As I settle in to listen to the evening symphony I am content. I can rest through the night, knowing that He is watching over me the whole night through. I am thankful.

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