Sunrise With Fog

Sunrise With Fog
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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Seeing Through the Light Thus Given

The weeks flow along with increasing awareness of the journey to this point.  It seems that we used to measure time in multiples of five or ten; reunions, birthdays and anniversaries were given extra notice when we reached one of those milestones. Do you wonder why we have set that precident? Why do we set such goals for our present journey? How much joy do we miss along the way when we wait for those milestone moments before allowing ourselves to treasure cherished memories accrued on a more frequent basis? Now that our high school class has celebrated the "BIG" 50th reunion everyone seems to desire to meet yearly... and keep in touch more often inbetween. In fact, one of my long time friends, one with whom I started to school in the first grade, spoke up at the last reunion just this past year and encouraged us to meet again this year. She is gone. She had appreciated those connections that were made so many years ago, and valued each person who had crossed her path along the way.  The mother of a friend who was in my Bible Study group last year had been fighting a battle with cancer for several years, and during that time she continued to write and teach and speak to others of her faith. As her health got worse her delight in the Lord shown more brightly. It brought her great comfort to go back through the things she had written, the tapes of times she spoke to others, of special family occasions. It came to me that there is purpose for what God asks of each of us, purpose beyond the moment. Scripture tells us to write, to remember and to tell others of what we have seen of God's faithfulness. However, I am seeing further purpose than I had understood.  To have those poems, those teachings, and the photos and videos that we have written to the praise of His glory, those treasured moments with family and dear friends is to have a bit of treasure in heaven it seems. This treasure comforts us when times are challenging. This treasure fills us with joy when perhaps we might otherwise feel empty and helpless. These jeweled moments confirm Christ's love for us in every situation. Each time we sing the words of beloved hymns that are filled, with scripture the words become even more precious, causing us to overflow with even more joy.

It is not about the number of days we are given to live out God's plan for our lives. Each day is of such value that much can be accomplished if we listen and respond to the opportunities along the way. A most beautiful example of this truth flows magnificantly from the short life of our friend's grandson who lived just 87 days due to spinal muscular atrophy. Yes, it has been a great time of grief and seeking of understanding. Each of those days was given to loving him and and sharing delight of each day with many friends and family. At the same time much light has shown through this life that was so short in our understanding of time. Each day has value that makes that life worth living.  A foundation as been set up to do many worthwhile projects in his name, projects that will help others with similar challenges and to give hope to children in many life situations. It is beyond belief to see the ways little Miller touched the lives of others and now continues to spread hope as waves upon the sea, taking that hope to far places. When we give our tears to God He will take those precious tears and as He holds them for us, He will do more than we could have imagined to make much of our meager offerings.

Each life has potential of which we are unaware. We are to take one step at a time and to listen in stillness for that small voice to tell us which way to go. He will provide all that is needed to accomplish that which aligns with His will for our lives. So let us treasure our moments, for each moment is a gift beyond our understanding. Just about ten years ago I responded to the compelling urge to pick up my pen and begin to write. I was the most surprised of anyone at the progression of the flow of words and the continuing inspiration and delight in allowing the words to paint images of what God had placed in my heart. Recently, I have been taking time to read again some of those first poems and I am still amazed at the faithfulness of the Lord in making possible words to comfort and uplift others along the way; and I am blessed repeatedly as I read those words of life again and again; He does love me and care for me.  Nothing can take His love from me for it is the very gift of His love to me with which I sing His praises every day. As I look back through the lens of light thus given, I am assured of even more glorious things to come. This following poem is one of the first few poems in that first year of discovering that this gift of praise comes from above. To read these thoughts again fills me with exceeding joy, for the heart of it rings with the same truth He continues to teach me day after day.
Yes, I think this is perhaps treasure in Heaven.

Oh Lord, the beauty of life when we live it in You
Is an amazing day to day delight.
A taste of Your loving kindness in all You do
Is beyond anything that exists without your light.
You teach us more each passing day,
You fill us with Your love and joy, and encourage us to pray;
Lord, You alone are worthy of praise,
Thank you for Your faithfulness and protection for our days.
You open Your arms to catch us when we fall,
You change our hearts to know Your voice when You call.
You make it possible for us to desire to obey,
Then make sure we hear beautiful words You have to say.
You alone Lord are due the glory for the gifts we receive,
All You ask in return is for us to believe....
And to give You alone the glory You are due.
Lord, we bow down in total reverence to you.
We are Your creation, the objects of Your gracious kindness,
We worship You humbly and pray You will continue to bless.
You put in our hearts the sublime songs of joy
We will sing them back to You in affirmation of Your glory.
We will sing all our earthly days, and then...
Trust in Your promises for eternity. Amen!

IMP 5/10/02

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