Sunrise With Fog

Sunrise With Fog
Every Morning is New

Monday, August 29, 2011

Looking Forward: Another Year

The old oak tree stands in witness of all the storms of life, of the beauty of the sunrise, and it hosts the joyful birds who sing throught the day. It is an anchor with which I frame each sunrise, a measurement of the seasons, and always an image of lovely form.

Through the years it seems we learn to yield to the temptation to sit a while in a quiet spot. It is in these times of reflective pondering that we have time to taste the deeper things in life.
 69 Going On 70
     Beginning another year leads to a new decade, 69 going on 70. It seems
so unreal, to be swept along in detached awareness of the passage of
time as if in slow motion, seeing more of the stages of life at the
same time.
     Body is aging, and yet I am still “me!” I am still the unique person I
was created to be. It is a journey of discovery in moving toward the
light. There is a vague longing for what I what I am that still lies
hidden and enfolded in the many peculiar layers of my dance of life.
This is another milestone in counting the days of favor, as I see with
redeemed vision as it works out what is being restored. It is an
amazing transformation when new compartments of the heart are swept
free of years of coveting worldly things. This brings new circulation
of life which adds renewed vibrancy to what was formerly a
struggling spark of eternal hope.
     As I climb further up the holy hill, different portions of life come
adorned with new applications of truth that measures against the
standards of holiness sublime.
     Seasons follow seasons, each perhaps as a rung on the ladder of ever
brightening ascension. Some trails navigate narrow dangerous drop-offs
on either side necessitating great care. The next segment often
arrives as on a gentle plain that encourages confidence. Tranquil
boundaries are such restorative blessings that confirm favor bestowed
by a loving Father.
     It is a gift to appreciate the precious expressions of God’s delight in His creation. We are encouraged to respond with the measure of delight we are enabled to absorb.
It is written that we are to be still and know that God is God. We
must be still to hear the truth of the ages; then in awe we become
aware of the gravity of being humbled before the Holy One of Israel.
There are points on the heights of joy when we can scarcely contain
the overflowing love. We are lifted up with emotion at seeing the
character of God made real through what He has made known, and then we
are lifted above our appointed boundaries to catch our breath in the
brilliant light of glory.
     Time travels its prescribed course and fills my mind with wonderful
memories. Though I cannot stay long on the mountain I can ponder the
accumulation of such moments through my sixty-nine years. With
childlike excitement I am blessed to anticipate many wonders as I move
forward into my seventieth year which is yet a mystery.
     Colorful jeweled memories mixed with patterns of poetry, marbled with
times of suffering and longing, bring more humbling of self inawareness of
the broader spectrum that is beyond present comprehension.
     My own shadow leaves but a trace when measured against eternity.  I
respond to the incomprehensible richness of the knowledge and wonder
of God with exciting joy in being compelled to tell others as I rejoice.
     I then step aside for a time to a quiet place with God given humility,
realizing I am as a unique shell along the mighty sea. I am counted
with purpose, then set free to be about the work prepared for me, assured of my place at the table for eternity.
     The Lord has been weaving the fabric of my life ever so firmly, strand
by strand until radiance unbeknownst to me is revealed. It is the
depth of the riches of this knowledge that thrills me so that I cannot
remain silent. I cannot attempt to keep this glorious river to myself.
For every thought or action that does not align with what I know to be
true of God the light remains dimmed until I respond. Jesus has more
to tell me but I cannot yet bear it. Perhaps I cannot yet carry the burden
of understanding nor deal with suffering and pain of life’s lessons.
     But I think perhaps it is that the weight of glory is so vast that I
cannot consume it all at once. Each coming day will arrive with
lessons and joys of its own. I trust He will enable me to pick up my
mat and walk forward with Him as He teaches me the joys of loving
others with His divine love. I ask that He help me take one day at a
time to delight in what I receive from His hand. July 2011

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