Sunrise With Fog

Sunrise With Fog
Every Morning is New

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Watching the Light in Stillness

As the heavens declare the glory of God the Lord prepares our hearts to respond to the beauty He has prepared for us. We taste His goodness through what He makes known of Himself to those enabled to stop and listen to the beauty.
Do you find the time to sit and watch the sky? Sometime in the early morning hours it is as if I am watching the creator of the universe paint the heavens with broad strokes, at first painting a background for what will come next. At times there is a faint golden glow, perhaps tinted with pale orange changing to vibrant pink. At first it may seem that most of the sky is vacant of any clouds, but as the direction of the light changes there are many layers of different types of clouds, first one, then the other catch the gleam of the light as if just then being painted on top of the layers that were in place before. At times there are unusual formations that seem to pop up out of nowhere, catching the wind at a certain altitude and then sail across the heavens to somewhere beyond this viewpoint. When tall columns mix with shelf clouds and intermix with thin wispy layers, I am spellbound watching for the light to escape the hidden confines and burst forth in bright streams. At times there are brilliant golden tints to the clouds contrasting with blue shadows. Then when the sun reaches a certain point shades of coral and pink appear as if a watercolor wash moves slowly along painting them with glorious joy. It seems as if it is a symphony of light just for my eyes alone. But it is there for all to see; it is for all who would lift their eyes in delightful witness of the magnificence of God's creation. Our lives reflect something of the same glorious joy through the years when we stop to listen as the silence sings its own beautiful song of praise to the almighty power of God. We may not know from where the light comes at a particular time of life, but in looking back through the lens of the heart tuned to the harmony of all of creation, it comes together with a connectivity that illumines the understanding of scripture. We are touched by storms, warmed by a campfire, cooled by fragile snowflakes as they brush against our cheek. Joy is rekindled when we think of friends who have brought golden light to shine into our lives. All of the paintings we have watched being created, whether in relationships or gifts, or the overflowing joy of worshiping the Lord that connects us to eternity along with the cloud of witnesses whose faith has enabled them to persevere, we are caught up in the glorious delight of the ages, beginning even before time began. That same melody is in harmony with what we are given to witness both in the heavenly realm and all the ways God confirms His love for us in this present walk. Take time to listen. Listen deeply and allow your soul to connect with God through what He makes known. This is abundant life. Praise to the One Who reigns over all things. 

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