Sunrise With Fog

Sunrise With Fog
Every Morning is New

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Inspiration

The Trumpet Call of Hope

Trumpets pierce the stillness of the night
Listen! Anticipate the glorious light
A trumpet stirs the soul. It excites the heart
It transcends worldly noise with news to impart.
The Word of God is filled with both warning and grace
It confirms the wonder beyond boundaries of this place.
A trumpet sounds with triumph to signal life that is real
It is a call to lift the eyes heavenward as bells of truth peal
It sounds with joy that cannot be contained
It overflows with salvation’s joy abundantly sustained.
You who are suffering along this pathway today
Trust in Jesus our Lord, eternal Son of God, when you pray
Those who hear trumpets resounding as music sweet and bold
Rejoice in God’s promises His prophets long ago foretold
Be comforted by the Lord’s compassion from old
Angels sang over Jesus” birth; He is Shepherd of the fold.
With renewed strength you will soar to heights joy
As on wings of eagles you are lifted to glimpses of glory.
These wings enfold you enabling strength to stand
They encourage believers to persevere just as God planned.
In this glorious Christmas season of celebration and light
Pause to listen for the Spirit Who ministers in the night.
Give from rich gifts received through the gospel of grace
Echo assurance to others from this set apart place.
Behold God’s mighty power revealed in all He has made
His marvelous deeds lift us to splendor that shall never fade.
Wings as of eagles formed in clouds of great height
An expanse of light appeared as a dove before my sight.
Sing a new song to the Messiah, Jesus, Everlasting King
Voice praise in adoration as overflowing joy takes wing
We shall never be disappointed when we pursue God’s grace
Mercy flourishes with abundance when we seek Jesus’ face
May blessings abound each morning that is new,
Carry His joy with you and respond with what is true. 

It was thrilling to discover this image of clouds as eagle's wings spread across the heavens and an image of light shaped as a dove being carried along with the previaling winds.

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