Sunrise With Fog

Sunrise With Fog
Every Morning is New

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Unwrapped Gifts

Ode to the Gift That Comes Unwrapped

When the eyes of my heart are opened to see
To see further than the beautifully wrapped gifts under the tree
To listen with the higher reaches of the mind
I begin to see amazing gifts of a far different kind.

Gifts of time and special thoughts may lift me to a higher realm
To see with purer purpose through distractions that overwhelm.
Perhaps a gift is received of which the giver is unaware
Often the Lord has further purpose for a small gift chosen with care.

Such gifts may plant a seed of inspiration to write a new song
And to thrive through unity that to the soul is a balm.
A word of encouragement may lift one to reach a lofty aim
To fulfill an eternal desire, God’s promise to claim

A joy filled greeting flowing from a loving friend
Is such a gift woven into the tapestry of life without end
It may instill confirmation that God’s work in me is true
Validating His love with glorious sounds and colors of every hue

It may be an awakening to ever brighter hope through an apt word
Shepherding with extra contentment through what is heard
Such a gift, coming unwrapped, may surprise both giftor and giftee
Coming in providence, not placed under the tree

That it comes with such startling innocence causes the soul to sing
With unbridled joy as a soaring nightingale singing at taking wing
When given ears to hear the melody of the true giftor above
We are blessed beyond blessing, born of divine love.

Christmas Eve Morning 2011
Ina May Pummill

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