Sunrise With Fog

Sunrise With Fog
Every Morning is New

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Carried Along

Carried Along   
Frequently there appears a connection beyond present understanding
All nature presents an image almost other worldly in truth upstanding
A journey through fog layered views
Seems to encapsulate the lessons of life in splendorous hues
The journey begins in quiet stillness with just enough light to discern the way
Slowly, deliberately setting out in the middle of an elegant display
Things that would distract are hidden from sight
I am captivated by changing glimpses of light
At times the effect is almost blindingly white
Shadowy forms move silently along without actually appearing
Something suggesting reality beyond what I am physically seeing
It is the layers of fog themselves on the move
Delighting my soul with glorious glimpses beyond what I can touch or prove
A fleeting image or impulse of something yet hidden until a future day
That seems akin to seeking enlightened direction for life’s way
I travel with uncertainty until I hear a familiar voice behind me
“This is the way, walk in it.” I am given eyes to see
The road rises out of the fog into a clearing of light
Landmarks reveal true pathway; my overjoyed soul responds in delight
As the highway of life leads through foggy valleys for a time
The way always opens before me with glimpses sublime
I see how that voice behind me has guided me through a difficult way
It is with a sacrifice of praise that in worship I thankfully pray

Awakening in the mountaintop sunlight many mornings gives perspective
Preparation for facing hidden valleys waiting through God’s directive
From an eagles nest view the fog gives a surreal essence of peace and tranquility
But when one descends from the mountaintop that sight surpasses physical ability
Knowing with assurance through transformed faith and love
God’s faithfulness awaits in splendor those who with hope lift their eyes above
The hidden valleys will intermittently appear in waves
Just as the river of fog is unpredictable in the way it behaves
It is the Great Light that is eternally constant and true
Leading, carrying as on eagle’s wings to see blessed ones through.
This time of waiting is not a free pass to earthly desire
Not a guarantee of goals to which the old nature might aspire
For God’s thoughts perfectly lift the eyes of the heart much higher
Until one day breaking through the light dressed in white linen attire
We will know in its fullness as we are welcomed home
The radiance of heavenly glory ours, never again to roam
What the eyes of faith have seen through billowing fog filled valleys below
Will be gloriously revealed to those given to persevere, having been divinely healed
IMP 1/17/2012

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