Sunrise With Fog

Sunrise With Fog
Every Morning is New

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

On the Way To Summer

Days pass by one by one
The seasons blossom and fade and they are done
The ordering of time is filled with purpose and plan
According to God's will for His created man.
The sweetness of springtime lingers only for a moment it seems,
Yet it's fragrance lingers upon those God redeems.
Oh so slowly the flowers take their cue
Some fading, some budding into flowers that are new
The rains come unexpectedly according to God's will
To fill stream beds with falls that rush downhill
Only to enter quiet pools of dark green in the shade
To refresh all life the Creator has made
Along the stream bed the wildflowers grow
Sometimes wild strawberries ripen to shine from below
And give taste to the coming of summer harvest
Baskets will overflow with fruit at its best
More of the summer songbirds arive to build nests and sing
Hawks soar and cry loudly as they take wing
Early in the day the mourning dove coos to its mate
To accompany the last cry of the whipporwill just past the gate
And one owl responds to another somewhere nearby
The hummingbirds awaken to fight as they fly
And I settle in to the more relaxed schedule and pace
With freedom extended to quietly explore with upturned face
For every moment has purpose even as the seasons are changing
Summer's arrival offers new opportunities without special arranging.
It is the day that is at hand in which I rejoice in thanksgiving
It is now that I may make a difference in how I am living.
So thankful I am for another marvelous day to rejoice and pray
Because I have received abundant light for the way.

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