Sunrise With Fog

Sunrise With Fog
Every Morning is New

Saturday, May 12, 2012

To Greet the Dawn

Upon Awakening

Before the dawn began appearing on the horizon
The light of day was shining into my awaiting soul
True in the ancient sense as well as new each morning
Waiting, anticipating the light of day I pray
Recognizing, adoring, worshiping with great thanksgiving
My Lord, my Savior Who is The Way
Set apart in stillness before going forth to meet the dawn
Before the birds begin their singing
Into the majesty of His presence I am drawn
I know His commands and His promise
I know His faithfulness through His history with man
Whatever the morning brings I await as from His hand
There will be life strengthening lessons according to His plan
When I fail to trust Him, or grumble and complain, He is grieved
When I seek my own way through the emotion of desire
He will not go before me or afford relief
And so I ask of Him, before I choose to open my eyes
Lord, help me respond to every challenge
As opportunity to bring light of truth to a dark world
Where words are merely smoke and mirrors, intended to mislead
Lord, give me grace and wisdom as a shepherd of your sheep
Inspire thoughts through me that will lift others toward your keep
As the faint orange glimmer of dawn makes itself known
The forest around me is awakening with joyful singing
And the Lord God is revered with awe as He sits upon his throne.

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