Sunrise With Fog

Sunrise With Fog
Every Morning is New

Friday, July 27, 2012

Baby Wrens


With the beautiful sunrises of summer and the melodic music of the song birds winging about in flight we begin to understand something of the urgency of a summer day. From the first warm days the creatures of the air rush about with great perseverence usually reserved for man. The wren is a unique little bird filled with personality to match the joyful melody with which it greets each day. Sometimes it perches near by, as if pondering the best place for a nest and the arduous task of gathering enough materials to line it and make a cozy place to lay eggs, to sit and hatch them, and then provide space enough to land and feed the babies as it makes coutless trips to fetch all kinds of insects. It is so interesting to glimpse such a nest up close, and to witness the types of materials it has chosen to preapre for the responsibility of parenthood, a responsibility ingrained in its creation. It is so quick and purposeful in its movements. It seems it is untiring and focused on seeking out enough morsels to nourish the quickly growing little chicks. And by natural reflex the little ones open their mouths on cue at any sound in expectation of more food. With our gift of reasoning and the ability to learn to care for others, are we as careful to uphold our responsibilities as these excellent wren parents? It makes one stop and ponder how we use our time, often for our own pleasure, when we have so many responsibilities in our own families and neighborhoods. Do we sing with joy in our work half so beautifully as these little birds of the air? Does our joy become a sweet fragrance to others who behold the attitude of our hearts and our minds in the simple every day activities of this life? It is so easy to grumble about every detail and yet we need to practice being thankful for all things and watch to see some good purpose in every providence of God. When we open our mouths let it be with songs of hope and encouragement to all who would hear the message of our hearts.

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