Sunrise With Fog

Sunrise With Fog
Every Morning is New

Saturday, July 21, 2012



Natures Old and New

Two natures cannot inhabit the same body
Awareness of eternity that is so near as if to touch
Yet just out of reach to fully grasp
Slowly in learning to know God
New awareness of God’s appointed nature
New nature leading me more frequently
Old nature is dead, its power gone
But habits are strong tempters
Response to desires for present pleasure
Power must be practiced
Procrastination changed to perseverance
Taking every thought captive immediately
Resurrection nature
Giving meaning and assurance
A rock of absolute truth against which to measure
Adding vibrancy to that which was merely good
Perhaps it is youth renewed
Strengthened as being carried on wings of eagles
Fullness of time, hour by hour
Contentment in the gifts of each day
Moments when the soul sings in satisfaction
And I see beyond the face in the mirror
Fulfilled life extending beyond my years
Abundance current boundaries cannot contain
Overflowing riches through simple wisdom
Lavished with love and eternal purpose
Humble truth transcends generations
Man’s wisdom so confuses knowledge
That truth appears dead to worldly thinking
Absolute truth thrives
Unchanging in victorious triumph
Constant through powerful divine authority
Filled with enfolded wisdom and revelation
Treasure gifted in God’s timing
To be illumined in the full light of day
Tasted and experienced with awe of the eternal
Confirmed by the Spirit moment by moment
To the praise of His glorious grace
Life without end
Lavish and abundant in Christ alone
Enthroned in the praise of His people

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