Sunrise With Fog

Sunrise With Fog
Every Morning is New

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lengthening days.... shortening shadows...
The sun’s warming rays feel so pleasant to me.
All God’s creation begins stirring anew
After winters slow pace...after resting for a while....
Now being restored with vigor and new life
Through God’s gentle warming touch.
After winter’s subdued light...
After cooler days and longer shadows
Slowly, faithfully signs of spring begin to appear.
I expectantly begin watching and listening,
I feel the renewal in my very being.
And begin looking for these gifts I trust God to send.
I can hear the increased joy in the melodies of the birds.
The ground is warming with the soft spring rains
That God lovingly sends for renewal.
Everything feels right, drawing me to the woods to see...
Yes Lord...Yes! They are right where I expect them to be,
They are blooming...delicate little Trout Lilies growing free.
The flowers make an orderly predictable appearance.
They are a gracious blessing God provides,
A stable, comforting reassurance of His nearness.
One morning I hear the Phoebe’s call,
Back from her winter journey,
Back to sing to me in greeting of spring.
Then a flash of red as the Summer Tanager arrives...
And the quarrelsome antics of the hummingbirds begin.
More little wildflowers begin to show,
Spring beauty, rue anemone, buttercups...
All right where God planted them ages ago to grow.
This resurgence of life energizes me as well.
But the continuity of the seasons,
The arrival of everything in the expected timing...
To see His hand constantly at work.
Is a gift of comfort from God,
Just like I feel when I go to a familiar passage in His Word,
It is a contentment, a peace, a joy....
It is another reminder that He will not leave me.
He is faithful from season to season.

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