Sunrise With Fog

Sunrise With Fog
Every Morning is New

Monday, February 28, 2011

A Handful Of Daffodils

A Handful Of Daffodils

Coming in from checking on our cattle, my husband reaches out to me with a
handful of daffodils, the first evidence that sp
ring is truly on its way.
Here is something of spring that I can hold in my hand, I can smell its
sweet fragrance, and I can rejoice in the changing of the seasons.
Anticipation has been building for the coming of spring. Though days may
still be filled with a gray chill accompanying the stark and stately
silhouette of winter, a sweet warm dampness creeps in and hovers over the
landscape with a hint of something new.
We listen in quiet stillness and wait for the special light spring will
bring. Who notices as the first green shoots announce its arrival? Who is
listening when more songbirds return and frogs join in the chorus?
Who is watching in witness when a pair of hawks takes flight to soar on the
currents of the wind? Who comes to a complete stop, spell bound by the

incomprehensible light,  to lift his face to the sun and the eyes to the heavenly places?
It is the same person whose heart skips a beat at the sight of daffodils in joyful
yellow, even at times blooming through the snow. They are followed by hundreds of
sunny flowers that will carpet the forest floor, waiting to accompany the
redbud's song of joy. Our souls are in harmony with the sounds and the sights of spring.
As God has ordered the seasons, instinct leads one to seek the earliest
wildflowers of this refreshing new season… troutlilys, wood sorrel, spring beauties… drawn
with excitement as to see old friends, one can walk about the wooded landscape
to discover the delicate and fragile beauties blooming through the fallen
leaves of winter, perhaps with their little buds poking through the snow,

whether or not there is anyone else to witness such a miracle aside from God Himself.
In seeing these blossoms, I know spring is upon us!
IMP 2/28/11

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