Sunrise With Fog

Sunrise With Fog
Every Morning is New

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hint of Spring Through A Winter's Day

Spring will come.Yes, it really is still Winter. 19 degrees and 12-20 inches of snow in the area. Our little dog has to bounce through the snow to make any progress in her daily explorations. But we know spring is coming. There are signs of spring now, but they are deeply hidden for the moment in this lovely fresh blanket of white. Everything looks different today, and yet it remains the same. Winter is a season not yet ready to fade into spring.

Hint of Spring Sings Through A Winter’s Day

Something special colors the impression of the morning unfolding before me.
The atmosphere flourishes with revitalized purpose providenced to be.
Seeming to exude the quality of exciting vibrancy.
Filtered sunshine envelops me with warmth and I open my soul to see
Being set free from apathetic dormancy that might normally seem dreary.

Delighted to find myself restored and refreshed with exhilarating expectancy.
The cold chill of winter is filled with purpose and timing that enables the best.
A time set apart for renewal, a period of rest.
A time of refilling, that allows me to quietly wait and watch without being pressed.
A time of awareness to recognize manners in which I have been blessed.
Not yet spring but nonetheless, I taste its hope, the promise sure.
I trust and anticipate. Abundant life mandates that I do more than endure.

It is a gift of time that I may listen in stillness and meditate on the Word.
Set free to imagine possibilities beyond anything seen or heard.
Today, special radiance highlights my thoughts, lifting them high.
The joyful musing of my soul wings heavenward toward the sky.
Contentment fills me with peace; my faith is confirmed. Hope is true.
Serenity can barely contain anticipation awaiting what is new.
This allusion of springtime is perhaps a glimpse of the hope of glory,
It is an interlude of rest, confirming with His peace my place in God’s story.
Assuring my calling, absent of self-doubt and self focused worry.

Waves of light blanket the snowy landscape insulating winter’s claim.
After a time of repose, renewed joy emerges to affirm my name.
Remember to breathe deeply. Permit myself to be saturated in this gift of light.
The continuing dawn grows increasingly bright, displacing the shadows of night.
Much winter remains. I must choose to delight in victory or merely endure.
This sparkle of springtime awakens eager expectation accompanying life that is sure.
One step at a time, waiting wisdom with patience and looking above,
Filled to overflowing, graced with His love.

When I step out of the warm sunshine of this spring like day
The reward of having tasted the goodness of the Lord will not pass away.
When once more snow and ice arrive, as they will
My mind will envision sunlight sparkling through the ice to mitigate the chill.
When I look about as an eager child to see God’s working according to His will,
I am sometimes rewarded with little flowers blooming bravely through the cold.
Thankful for every provision of the day, I am inwardly smiling, and safe in His fold.

He nurtures my character with new purpose for life and growing wisdom for the way.
The hope of springtime sings eternally in my heart with blessing as I seek to obey.
Each season has beauty enough to write praises lasting through the fading night,
Bringing sustaining joy to those given hearts to see deeply with God gifted sight.
The glorious Holy Spirit, my counselor, my instructor and ever-present guide,
Illumines truth and understanding with heavenly light freely applied
To shine eternally upon those who in Christ the Lord faithfully follow and abide.
IMP 1/22/10

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  1. Yea! I love that you have gotten the photos to work out. What a gorgeous cardinal, a special blessing on a snowy day.