Sunrise With Fog

Sunrise With Fog
Every Morning is New

Friday, February 18, 2011

God Is The Melody Of My Soul

Have you ever been awakened in the night only to discover the words of a song seemingly being sung while you were sleeping? Perhaps you might just hear the melody. Another time I might awaken to the welcoming of the dawn, the forest choir singing in joy, the sunrise arriving just in time and I feel a connection to the ancient words and songs of praise.

I might awaken with some kind of fear or worry which are not of God. I might suffer some kind of unknown anxiety of which I am not even aware. I must choose to lift the eyes of my heart to the heavens and call upon the Lord to strengthen me that I can turn away from those thoughts and think of what I know to be true and good and lovely. It is then that the familiar melody begins to play in my soul and I am enabled to move forward in the fullness of His joy.

Yes, there will be challenges and difficulties. It is the attitude with which I face them, the faith in the Lord that strengthens me to face them, and the peace that overcomes my doubts, these are the things which fill me with joy above any worldly happiness that I might desire. It is the Lord Who knows what is best for my good and that will best display His glory. The melody is always there but I must choose to hear it.  I must choose to sing along to discover the goodness of the Lord enfolded in beautiful words of life.

Isaiah 49:10 "He Who has compassion on them will guide them and lead them beside springs of water. niv

God is the Poetry of My Soul

God is the poetry of my soul… the music of every fiber of my being… Before the foundation of the world, the poetry of God flowed with rhythm and passion as the Lord breathed into creation His poem of life eternal. In beauty, God the Father ordered all things with a harmony far sweeter than anything man can imagine.

The poetry of creation itself flows from the pages of the Bible with visual descriptions of God pouring out His heart to His children in mercy and grace and breathing life into them. God in three persons with unity as one Deity in perfect accord, the God of the Bible authored the true and perfect love story to the children of His creation.

The music of the soul flows from God to weave His eternal symphony into a glorious tapestry that touches every sense with incomprehensible beauty. It is a comforter sent to envelop the spirit of man with the security and warmth of the presence of the living God Himself.

As we are drawn to seek the Lord we are filled with the fullness of a love that is certain and true… a relationship that sets the pattern and provides the heart for all other relationships.
With God’s example, the earthly covenant of husbands to wives, before the Holy God, becomes more beautiful and loving…more forgiving and understanding…Friendships become more uplifting and precious if we edify one another…if we see with the beautiful loving thoughts of the Father.

God also filled man with a love for the poetry that flows with His music of creation…
A love that flows with all that is good and pure, all that bears the beautiful fragrance of the Father…
We are able to recognize God’s presence in the praise of poetic literature with melodious hymns of rejoicing, hymns reflecting the majesty and wonder of the Creator…reflecting His immortal righteous wisdom that He bestows upon His own, and hymns of quiet thankfulness as in humble witness we understand the depth of the Father’s loving kindness…His gentle mercy and His promise of faithfulness to His own; Even hymns with emotional sadness, even despair are evidenced as we humbly realize the consequences of being outside the clearly described will of God.

The beauty of this sorrow is the window of hope… the window with His glorious light streaming in to lead us to seek His presence in all things…It is this sure and certain hope that gives birth to poetic expression of His beauty even when we are barely able to understand the magnitude of His grace.

Throughout eternity God has placed poetry in the hearts of His children… on hillside meadows… on quiet beaches with only the rippling sound of waves rolling in… Even in the walled in canyons of city streets it is possible to feel the melody of God though surrounded by the harsh noises of civilization…
David spent his early days in the meadows pouring out his heart and soul to God with only his sheep to listen… with his musical instruments and voice He used God’s gifts to worship the Holy One of Israel. Then in the providence of God, the poetry of David today calms the Shepherd’s sheep and directs them to the fold of the Father’s love.

In the same way God worked through David to bring gentle soothing peace to troubled king, God used the obedience of that simple shepherd boy to mightily inspire generations that followed.
This poetry that the Spirit inspired of David leads us to prayerfully praise the God of all creation, praying back to God the passionate thoughts from a man after God’s own heart. The Holy Spirit illumines our hearts so that the very words God gave David inspire us to worship God with the same devotion and love.
Even when we are seemingly surrounded by darkness and impossibility, our countenance still bears witness to our ever-present God through the comfort of His Spirit and we are a light in the darkness.
We may be filled with thoughts of poetic prose in the realization of God’s promised presence and providential protection purposed for His people.

We are inspired to draw from the imagination of our Spirit filled hearts, powerful words to express our adoration for our Heavenly Father. This same love shines through our deeds and actions as well.

We are filled with thoughts abounding from the overflowing springs of the Father’s love. The lyrical composition takes on the cadence of all of creation, moving along gently, then as a fast flowing river spills over a hanging cliff in a fantastic explosion of foam and spray and sound, multiplying our small offering from what we have been given. Thoughts that flow from the Father’s fountain finish with a brilliant victorious flourish to the praise of our glorious God.

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  1. melody and poetry.......perfectly describes what I felt as we stood and enjoyed these beautiful sights of our Creator's handiwork. what a cherished memory for us all. How beautiful is the Body of Christ!