Sunrise With Fog

Sunrise With Fog
Every Morning is New

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Melody of the Soul

Majestic Morning Melody of Promise
There seems to be a sense of rest and restoration on such late winter mornings as this, cloudy, chilly, most of the snow having melted, and yet, not quite time for another season. In such mornings I find joy in remembering special thoughts and moments of light throughout my life... pearls of light that shine in my heart to reflect God's graciousness to me. 

I am discovering pearls where I had not seen them before. As the pattern of my days continues to be woven, these pearls shine with endearing love to remind me of God's faithfulness when I have not been faithful in seeking Him. His majesty is more than enough to lift me from my weaknesses into the Light that divinely transforms what is broken and bent. He will restore the days the locusts have eaten as the prophet Joel spoke. And I thank Him for allowing me to see Him at work in many ways as He keeps every promise and teaches my soul to sing

Melody of the Soul

A new morning to begin each precious step walking in the conscious presence of the living God,
A new morning to rejoice in the light of opportunity presented in the seeking of His will;
How sweet is the fragrance of life when experienced with the eager delight of a child walking hand and hand with his Father.
Every sense is heightened when God is given reign to choreograph each measured step,
For each step will then more beautifully match the eternal melody He created for each soul before we were formed.
How amazing to awaken each morning in expectation of possibilities God will weave into the day!
Joyful anticipation of goodness overflowing from the fountain of God Himself cannot be contained.
That great expectancy bursts forth in a melody of joy that stirs passion and spills over to touch others with His blessings.

The melody slows to allow rest and contemplation of His words placed in each heart.
It then begins to dance with the excitement of being refreshed by His very presence.
In His presence is the glorious music in each life; His presence making possible the endless variations of hymns to extol each of His attributes, and His presence bringing to light joyous release of creativity through His precious gifting of His children.

Each life carries with it a slightly different part of the melody as God works through each child in a unique manner, though the all-encompassing theme is the very nature of the true God of creation.
The joyful refrain, if we would hear it, is a chorus of halleluiahs to the Master of the vast orchestra!
How brilliantly He weaves together the melodies of individual hearts into the grand theme of eternal life in His kingdom with Him!

When individual thoughts wander far, when they turn to self-directed thinking and self inspired designs, the melody of the soul suffers loss of the soothing harmony that flows only through the gentle touch of the hand of the Lord as He works in the hearts of men.

God could choose to play the melody through us without our participation, but how amazingly wonderful that He fills us with the desire to know Him and to praise Him.
His Spirit gifts us with inspiration to be led by the Master in developing the melody of the soul to the fullness He provided from the beginning, that we might personally know Him more fully!
Through His words communicated by His Holy Spirit within, the true joy of the Father is made manifest in each life given to hearing the Father’s leading.

It is again amazing to recognize the unity of the melodies inspired of God and woven together in a tapestry of light displayed against the darkness that is life without the Lord, a tapestry with the sweetly perfumed fragrance of the Lord, the Divine golden light woven into the heartfelt refrain!

For it is the reflection of God Himself in each life that stirs response to His outpouring through the precious melody illumining the countenance of each child.
That He would so graciously allow, yes, even entreat us to work with Him impassions us to be swept forward in keeping with the pattern of the current flowing from Him.
Without His enabling, the melody within would be stifled, with nothing to nourish creativity.
No one would hear our hearts sing out with rejoicing at the goodness set before us.
Through seeking first the Father and His righteousness, all that is truly needed will be added to those whose hope is the Lord.
The melody of our souls will overflow in unity with the fullness of His love in our hearts forever.

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