Sunrise With Fog

Sunrise With Fog
Every Morning is New

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thinking of Love

The Lord gives us much with which to create beauty. He inspires the work of our hands, and gives desire to show our love to others in giving generously from the lavish bounty poured out from the windows of heaven.

The gift of love is one of exceeding worth, exampled by God Himself. Love is one of His communicable attributes in which we delight. It is an ongoing process to learn to give out that love in meaningful and unselfish acts of kindness to those God places in our paths.

It is written in scripture that a friend loveth at all times.  Whether His love in us is poured out on our spouse, friends, family members, members of the church, or people we meet along the journey who need encouragement, prayer, or other help, these principles from 1 Corinthians exemplify the perfect love to which we are called to aspire.

It would strengthen relationships and glorify God if each morning we were to read these words as written for our edification, then ask the Lord to engrave them on our hearts, and bring them to mind often so that with grace, we might show the love of God to someone who might be in particular need that day. Have a special day and may the Lord turn His face upon you with His incomporable love.
To Him be all glory forever.
pressed flowers by ina may pummill

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